Hey, Kelly Felix here...

I have teamed up with a reclusive software genius...

Add in a stroke of good luck and a pinch of "magic", and the result is a killer opportunity for you to cut to the front of the line with Google..."

Let me explain...

The reculsive software genius I'm talking about is my friend Wesley.

He's a little bit quirky...to put it mildly...

Wes has been engeneering money-getting software for years. The kind of stuff that is REALLY powering the success of the gurus, who pass off Wes' handiwork as their own.

Wes doesn't care though. The reality is he's a tough SOB with thick skin. And he could give a flying heck who gets the credit, so long as he gets paid.

Long story short, I hadn't talked to Wes for years. Not since the "Rich Jerk" days when he created a piece of software for me that did $1 million in sales.

But I recently ran into him at an event, and he told me he was cooking up something special.

"A theme. A really good one. Does everything." - Wes said


And it's finally ready...


After connecting with Wes, I've been playing with the theme for months, making changes and improvements, and using it on my own sites.

I now use this theme "Exclusively" on my own sites.... that's how much I like it.

What's does it do? Every time saving, money getting edge that we can bolt onto a blog in 6-clicks of your mouse.

We're talking hours and hours of sweaty, grubby, headache giving work...all in 6-clicks.



I've been building my own websites for 12 years... and let me tell you, I'm no computer programmer... FAR from it.

In fact, I took a computer programming class in college and I got a D... which means I "barely" passed.

So how am I able to bang out quality sites with ease, day after day...

Sites that are already setup to succeed from day 1, with all of the right elements built in, prior to even thinking about traffic or sales?

Its simple really... I know what I absolutely need... and more importantly, I know EXACTLY what I DON'T need.

There are so many building blocks and tools for sale out there, and it can get confusing, frustrating, and downright overwhelming.

When you see folks talking about this tool or that tool... how the heck do you know if they are:

a) Easy to use

b) Absolutely necessary

c) Time savers or time wasters


The problem is, many tools are either missing fundamental functions, or they are over-loaded with a bunch of confusing junk that you will never need to use.

So what I've done, is I've picked out my favorite pieces of each website building tool I've ever used, and I combined them all together into one simple tool that I call the "All in One Theme".

The All in One Theme is just that, everything you need, all in one simple, effective Wordpress theme. At first we created it for our own personal use on all of our websites. And we created it with affiliate marketing in mind.

So it has all of the features I use daily, but NONE of the shiny objects that look great on the surface, but at the end of the day provide little or no value.

With that said, lets take a look at what the All in One Theme is all about, and exactly why I included each of these functions:

I'm not talking about just installing the theme itself... when I say 6 clicks, I mean after 6 clicks you will have a website that looks great, AND has all of my favorite plugins installed and configured (for best search engine rankings and more), as well as all general settings configured exactly the way I do it myself on all of my websites.

If I were to estimate the time it would take the average person to manually do all of the configuring and settings yourself, without the All in One Theme, you're probably looking at a minimum of 1-2 hours per site... and MUCH more time if you don't know which plugins and settings to use, because then you'd have to spend time researching forums to find out which plugins and settings others are using, and exactly how they are using them. Our theme does it all for you, so you don't even need to think about it.

If you configured all of the plugins and settings yourself, and you made even one minor mistake, it could mean the difference between being on page 10 of Google or Page 1.

Don't have a site logo or image? No problem. Our easy to use editor comes loaded with 30+ pre-loaded custom icons with real time drag and drop editing to customise text, font, size, color and more for a clean professional look. And we're always adding more.

No need to hire a graphics designer or spend time searching for images that fit correctly (which can take ages).

We have a nice group of templates to choose from, so you can change from one to another with the click of a button. I've included all of my favorites, and there's also a blank template in case you'd like to "do your own thing". We also let you choose your site layout... taking all of the guesswork out of picking a great look. Simply copy one of my favorite layouts already built in, and you're good to go! (And the best part is there aren't any confusing code changes or anything like that. You will never need to touch any code).

Simply tick a checkbox and we'll automatically create a Terms of Service page, a Privacy Policy Page, and a Contact page, all with pre-written content, giving your site exactly what Google wants to see from a legitimate website. We have captcha built in to the contact page so you won't be getting any spam :)

If you were to create these pages yourself, you're looking at an hour or more... and you would have to search for pages to copy, and lastly, unless you know how to do PHP programming, creating a slick "contact us" page is no easy feat. I can't tell you how many times I've searched Google for the right code to make a contact form work, only to have it break over and over. Now I never have to do it again!

This is definitely one of my favorite features. When you add any content on your site, whether its adding an article, or other content such as videos, your site can automatically display a relevant Amazon ad with your affiliate ID built right in.

But we didn't stop there. You can also choose to automatically have relevant Clickbank ads display with your affiliate ID built in.

And lastly, you can choose to have Google Adsense ads displayed as well.

You now have total control over your ads, and once you pick what you'd like to display, the theme takes over and serves the best ads on autopilot.

Now you don't have to go back and forth to the Clickbank marketplace searching for a product to promote, and getting your affiliate link, and manually adding it to your site.

Now you don't ever have to login to Amazon again to find ads to put on your site.

And lastly, we make adsense a simple copy-and-paste situation.

This will save you hours of time. :)

Don't feel like writing a bunch of content or articles? No problem. You can instantly turn your site into:

a) an Autoblog � pick a few related categories and the All in One Theme will automatically pull in quality articles from around the web, giving the original author credit, and at the same time giving you free content (which is great for long tail keyword rankings in search engines, bringing you traffic that will see your ads. The theme can pull in articles from RSS feeds or directly from EzineMark.com, a top shelf article directory.

b) a Curated Blog � the same as above, except with a twist.... the theme pulls in a bunch of quality content for you, BUT you can set it to curate the content, with a few pre-written sentences, or a paragraph of your own that introduces each article or story, and BOOM... you now have unique "curated" content. This is the same model that major news websites like the Huffington Post uses, and Google LOVES them. (and again your ads get displayed within the content)

Create killer squeeze pages with the click of a button, with or without video... compatible with all major list building services like iContact, GetResponse, aWeber and more, so you can easily build a list of prospects or customers with whatever service you use.

You're a few mouse clicks, a few keystrokes and a copy-and-paste away from turning your webiste into an automated list-builder.

Automatically add your facebook, twitter, linkedin,or youtube accounts to the site so users can easily check out your social profiles and "like" or share your site.

Simple integration with Google Analytics is built in, as well as a very cool cookie stuffing feature... If visitors check out an RSS feed on your site and click through to the original article that takes them off of your site, before they leave your site they can be "cookied" with an affiliate link, so if they end up buying anything on that site, you'll get credit for the sale :)


Again, we built the All in One Theme because we wanted to take the best features from dozens of other themes and plugins, and put them all-in-one.

And we wanted to get rid of all the useless features that nobody will ever use.

Everything in our theme could and should be used.

This theme makes creating a quality, search engine loving website - simple for newbies, and robust enough for experienced marketers... Its all about taking out the guesswork, and saving you time.


Is there a guarantee? You bet! A big bold brassy one!

Take 14-days with our All-In-One Theme...use it like crazy...

And if your'e not totally impressed, just send us an email and we'll return your money, no questions asked.

(We're THAT convinced you're going to see the IMMEDIATE value of the All-in-One Theme!)


Of course whether or not you get instant access to our All-in-One Theme or not will make very little financial difference to myself and Wes...

But it could be an immense financial asset to you, and save you boatloads of time.


To Your Success,
Kelly Felix

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